Bronco Fan Art

2020. That’s the year that has been (tentatively) dog-eared for the release of the sixth generation Ford Bronco. While having to wait nearly four years is a lot to ask of the loyal citizens of Ford Nation who happen to be in the market to replace their daily driver, some of the more passionate fans of the truck have found a unique way to while away the time: by designing their very own Bronco concepts. Now before you dismiss their renderings as pie in the sky ideals, you should know that there are some pretty sophisticated designs kicking around that have been causing quite a bit of a stir in the online community – incorporating classic, tried and true Bronco design elements like the round headlights and inset grille with modern takes on fender design, ride heights, and a smorgasbord of other accessories.

Unofficial to say the least, the Bronco concepts – pulled together by the Ford faithful over at (you guessed it, a public forum dedicated to the next-gen Bronco) – has given something the Detroit-based automaker has up to this moment failed to do: provide Bronco enthusiasts with a taste of what to expect the new truck will look like.


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Drawbacks to Fan Designs?

It isn’t uncommon for automakers to keep the details of their newest models close to their chests. To be sure, this isn’t done out of any sort of nefarious intent, rather it is more often than not done to protect the integrity of their intellectual property or perhaps even as part of a marketing initiative. Whatever the angle, potential customers can be left in the dark for long periods of time waiting for the tiniest of details to be disseminated – so it’s only natural that some of them begin to imagine and sketch out what their ideal ride should look like.


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Potentially, there’s a downside to the widespread accessibility of fan art before the actual physical attributes of the new product are made public. Simply put, given the sophistication of design software available on the market and a population that knows how to use them, there’s a very real chance that fan art could one day upstage the very product from which it is drawing inspiration, leaving prospective buyers underwhelmed when faced with the real McCoy.


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Crowdsourcing: More Than a Means to Generate Revenue

Typically, businesses use crowdsourcing as a way to finance a new product or idea. Members of the public can view an online presentation and, if they like what they see, they can choose to invest in the project. Given how amazing and well-received the Bronco fan art has become, perhaps it would be wise for automakers to try their hand at crowdsourcing. Not for investment capital mind you, but for ideas.


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Automotive enthusiasts contain a wealth of knowledge that surpasses that of any other product’s customer base, making them the perfect reservoir to draw inspiration. Granted, automakers already pick the brains of their customers for things that they would like to see in their ride in terms of specs and features, but there really isn’t a platform on which a customer that knows the product, that knows the brand can submit a design for an upcoming model.
It’s an interesting thought to say the least. Manufacturing processes are becoming more efficient by the day, vehicles are allowing for more and more customizations. It’s not difficult to imagine the possibility that perhaps one day, a customer can go online and design their very own Bronco, F-150, or Mustang or perhaps better yet, design one that will find itself produced in the millions.